Infest aka Robbert Peperkamp was born in s’Hertogenbosch in 1984 and was raised in Oss, The Netherlands. At the age of 12 he started playing guitar and after a couple of years of practice he formed a band with some friends. At that time Infest’s musical interests where getting wider and he started to listen to all kinds of music.

His passion for Drum ‘n Bass was born, so in 2004 he started mixing Drum ‘n Bass and began experimenting with sounds on his computer. That year he met Quasi and Guila who shared his interests in Hiphop,Jazz, Funk and Drum ‘n Bass and formed the Pitch Control Crew in which Leonux, Flowtrigger and Noie soon joined forces.

After being a resident for almost three years Infest decided to focus more on his music production so he left the Pitch Control crew mid 2008 to spend more time in his studio and developing his sound.

Now, his mixing and music production style is focused to the more deeper and breaky stuff which is inspired by bands like Radiohead, Saxonshore, Cinematic Orchestra, Skalpel and producers like Paradox, Breakage, Equinox, Seba, Source Direct, old Photek, old Dillinja and Ltj Bukum.

Affiliations: Next Phase / Omni Music / Two Hungry Ghosts / Subtle Audio / Eastern Promise / Reminiscence Audio / Outsider Music / DigiBeat / Reportoire / SubMist / DSCI4 / SoulRed Records.